Synergy Mapping provides a wide range of photogrammetric services for a diverse clientele including engineers, mining companies, oil & gas industry, surveyors, Federal, State and Municipal governments, along with many others. Through the most accurate and cost-efficient solutions we are able to customize our processes to meet your specialized requirements.

Aerial Services

Synergy Mapping utilizes a select network of aerial photography firms spanning the United States. This ensures that only the most efficient methods and sensors are used as every project is unique. Regardless of the geographic location, our team is able to provide the image acquisition that is necessary to complete your project.


Aerial Photography Services Include:

Color, Black and White, or IR Aerial Imagery

Oblique Imagery

Digital Aerial Photography

(medium and large
format sensor)

UAS Aerial Photography, Videography and LiDAR

(small format sensor)

Photogrammetric Services

Synergy Mapping utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to accurately and cost effectively compile, edit, and deliver high accuracy planimetric and topographic data, tailored to client specifications and GIS data integration.

Photogrammetric Services Include:

  • Digital Aerotriangulation
  • Planimetric Mapping
  • Topographic Mapping
  • Digital Terrain Modeling (DTM)
  • Stockpile Volumes
  • Digital Orthophotos